Friday, November 28, 2008

Avis D'Un Etranger Amical

Voy a compartir con ustedes una carta, con un mensaje muy importante, que me mando un amigo que hice en mi día de espera en el aeropuerto de Fort Lauderdale (donde los seguridades del aeropuerto me confundieron por un homeless ya que yace casi toda la tarde dormido en un rincón del aeropuerto con mi maleta), antes de dirigirme a San Francisco. Su nombre es Kirikoo.

" man....acabo de llegar en charlotte para la boda de mi hermanita querida, y despues me voy para cairo egypt a terminar mis estudios al UEC...

NYC huh, have fun out there and enjoy your time with your family...
you know when it cames down to it that the most important is just that "family & friends" (cheris them both)

just like you I enjoy traveling and going where ever the winds takes me but remember that the wind didn't bring us into this world family did, and friend, real friends( those u can see ur self in, just like mirror) kept us out of harms way your r probably saying to ur self "what that fuck is he talking about"

it just a word from a stranger that you've meet at a port, who with your simple caring you help him when he was at his lowest point, and by your simple actions, you made a more of a friend out of him...en contraste un hermano de otra raza...

also Remember no what any one tells you, we are better and superior, (thanx to our multicultures) always give back, you shall received double... remember no matter on what corner of the world we are, you will always have an another brother, to talk to if u need I will be there for you, just the same way u didnt hesitate to help me when I was in need..

thats true friendship

nunca te limites bros "

Lo más importante son la familia y los amigos (los verdaderos). Que mal que el primero me haya tomado tanto tiempo aprenderlo…

[ Home Sweet Home, Los Pericos.]

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